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Grill Brush Brass Hertha BSC

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The new grill accessories in collaboration with Grillfürst are here and offer everything a grill lover desires. Made with high-quality materials, they make grilling easier and ensure perfect results. From grill brushes to tongs to practical grill aprons, everything is included. These grill accessories are guaranteed to make your next barbecue a success.

• Innovative grill brush with a long triple head and brass bristles for thorough and gentle cleaning of grill grates, even in the gaps
• Includes scraper for tough, baked-on grime
• 3 brushes side by side to optimally cover grill grate bars and clean from 3 sides
• 1 cm long brass bristles are optimal for stainless steel grates
• Sturdy construction to withstand even strong pressure
• Long handle and ergonomic shape for comfortable handling

material: Messing
manufacturer: Grillfürst GmbH
Hergestellt in: China