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Backforce One - Hertha BSC Edition

Backforce One - Hertha BSC Edition

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product details

Get your gaming chair from Backforce in an exclusive Hertha BSC design now. No matter if the standard One Edition or One Plus. Highest performance even during long sessions. After an intense match, there's nothing better than sitting back and reviewing the highlights of the game. Only those who have the best equipment can offer absolute best performance.

- Fold-down armrests for a closer distance to the screen
- Dual Core seat for maximum comfort
- SyncSeat for optimal ergonomics
- Reinforced and breathable backrest for greater endurance

Facts and figures:

- Weight regulation, infinitely variable
- Synchronous mechanism, lockable
- Plastic back shell, black
- Foldable armrests
- Universal castors for all floor types
- Ideal for a body height of 151 - 192cm
- Tested for a body weight of 45 - 130kg

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