Liebe Herthanerinnen und Herthaner, aufgrund der hohen Nachfrage kommt es aktuell zu verlängerten Lieferzeiten! Wir bitten dies zu entschuldigen und freuen uns sehr über euren Zuspruch!




How can I register at Hertha BSC Onlineshop?

A registration at Hertha BSC Onlineshop is free of charge. It is not neccessary to sign up to place an order at the onlineshop, but it comes along with some benefits. Get to know the benefits in the following category „User Account“. 

Signing up for an user account is really easy. Just type in your personal information and choose a 8-digit password. Your user account will be installed automatically with your e-mail address and your password.

If you are interested in ordering without creating an user account you click the check box „do not create a user account“. The data will be used for your current order, but no new user account will be created.


User Account


What for is „my account“?

Find and change your personal data like name, date of birth, invoice and delivery address as well as payment method at „my account“. It is also possible to change your e-mail address and your password.

Under the toppic „my order“ you have detailed information about previous orders such as date, reference number, mode of shipment, articles, etc..

In addition you can subscribe or unsubscribe to our newsletter.


How can I add products to my „wish list“? 

At any time it is possible to add products to your wish list and to memorise them. Just go to „product details“ and click the button „add to wish list“ and the product will be saved. You will find your already saved items in your wish list on the top right corner of your screen. Your personal wish list gives you every neccessary information about product, price, availability and date of adding the product.

By clicking on the products name you will be forwarded to the product overview.

To remove products from you wish list just click the blue check box.


I forgot my password – what to do? 

In case of forgetting your password go to the Log-in-area and select „forgot password“, type in your e-mail-address and in the following you will receive a link to create a new password.


Order Transaction 


How to place an order at Hertha BSC Onlineshop? 

Add a product to your shopping cart and check the button „proceed to ckeckout“. If you are already registered you can login with your e-mail-address and password and use the previously entered personal data. New customers have to type in their personal data first and continue to choose a payment method. In the next step you can check your whole order again and agree with the terms and conditions. Finally you have to press the „send order“-button.

Few minutes later you will receive a confirmation mail.


Is it possible to order by the telephone? 

Yes, you can order by telephone from Monday till Friday between 9 am and 5 pm. Our hotline number is +4930-300928-1892.


Is it possible to add something ex post to my order? 

Because of technical reasons it is not possible to add products to your order after placing it.


Is it possible to wrap my order as a gift? 

Unfortunately we are not providing this kind of service at the moment.


Why is it not possible to select some sizes?

Sizes that are shown but not selectable are already sold out and not available at the moment.


Payment methods


Which payment methods are offered? 

For orders from abroad we offer the following payment methods:

  • Paypal
  • credit card
  • pay in advance

Bank data of Hertha BSC?

Our bank account is:

Receiver: Hertha BSC

IBAN:     DE77 1009 0000 5643 3340 05


Bank:     Berliner Volksbank 

As purpose please enter your name and number of order.

The payment information are also send to you in the confirmation mail after placing your order.


How to find IBAN and BIC? 

You will find your correct IBAN and BIC in your bank documents or in your online bank account.




I did not recieve my order. What to do now? 

In case of not receiving your order please contact the customer service. They will check your orders position. Find the contact details down below.


Are there any delivery restrictions? 

No, Hertha BSC is shipping to every country. Find the prices above.


Voucher and Discount


I am a member of Hertha BSC, how can I get my member discount? 

As a member you get 10 % discount on every discountable product (except already discounted products, promotion products, books and vouchers).

To get your membership discount please type in your membership number while ordering at the online shop or save it in your user account.

The discounted price will be shown under the category „price for members“.




How do I sign up for the newsletter? 

Find the subscribe to our newsletter here. To unsubscribe just follow the link in the e-mail.




Where are the official Hertha BSC Fanshops?

Find a list of our official Fanshops here. 


Customer support


How to contact the customer support? 

As far as there are general questions about Herha BSC please call +4930-300928-0 or write an e-mail to The customer support is at your service from Monday to Friday from 9 am till 5 pm. 

For questions about your order, products or other subjects concerning our Onlineshop please call +4930-300928-1892 or write an e-mail to Our Onlineshop-team is at your service from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

You can also contact us through our contact form.


Are there questions left?


Contact us +4930-300928-1892 or write a mail to