Liebe Herthanerinnen und Herthaner, aufgrund der hohen Nachfrage kommt es aktuell zu verlängerten Lieferzeiten! Wir bitten dies zu entschuldigen und freuen uns sehr über euren Zuspruch!

Trainingshose Teamline Strike Kids


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The Hertha BSC training collection by NIKE is perfect for anyone who wants to look sporty and stylish during training or in their free time. The collection includes everything you need, from T-shirts to shorts and jackets. The Hertha BSC logo and the NIKE logo are prominently placed on each piece of clothing.

• Drawstring
• Additional storage space through front pockets
• Narrow leg cuffs
• Nike Dri-FIT technology
• Elastic, breathable, cooling

material: polyester
manufacturer: NIKE
Hergestellt in: Vietnam