Liebe Herthanerinnen und Herthaner, aufgrund der hohen Nachfrage kommt es aktuell zu verlängerten Lieferzeiten! Wir bitten dies zu entschuldigen und freuen uns sehr über euren Zuspruch!
T-Shirt Axel Kruse

T-Shirt Axel Kruse


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Hertha BSC launches the "Fahnenträger" initiative and ties its legends even closer to the club. In Hertha BSC's almost 130-year history, great players have worn our colors and left their mark on our club for years. These players left their hearts on the pitch for us and are still connected to the club today, long after their careers have ended.

Our ´Hauptstadtklub´ now wants to further professionalize and strengthen this emotional relationship with the "Fahnenträger" initiative.

Axel Kruse, Marko Rehmer and Gábor Király are the first "Fahnenträger" to represent our Alte Dame. Without exception, they are Herthaner who have played an important role in the history of our club.

The material is made of 100% organic cotton.

material: cotton
manufacturer: Plusprint GmbH
Hergestellt in: Deutschland
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