Liebe Herthanerinnen und Herthaner, aufgrund der hohen Nachfrage kommt es aktuell zu verlängerten Lieferzeiten! Wir bitten dies zu entschuldigen und freuen uns sehr über euren Zuspruch!

Shipment and Return

- Delivery of the purchased items will be made without delay to the address provided by the Purchaser.

- Deliveries for items worth €100 and more will be shipped free of charge provided they do not weigh more than 30 kg and the delivery address is located in Germany.

- For deliveries to not EU-countries additional export and shipping fees can occur, which have to be paid by the purchaser, at the moment the delivered item is received.

- Otherwise the following costs will be incurred in connection with the delivery of items:

  • €4.95 for deliveries within the Federal Republic of Germany. For payments on delivery, additional costs amounting to €4.00 as well as €2.00 for the parcel service.
  • For deliveries outside of Germany the shipping costs diversify depending on the delivery zone:

Zone 1:     10 €          (Austria, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium)

Zone 2:     12 €          (Czech Republic, Denmark, Switzerland)

Zone 3:     15 €          (Great Britain, France)

Zone 4:     20 €          (Italy, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia)

Zone 5:     25 €          (Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain)

Zone 6:     27,50 €      (Estonia, Finland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway)

Zone 7:     30 €          (all countries which are not included in Zone 1 – 6)

- Shipping costs are to be paid by the Purchaser. If the Purchaser requests a special shipment method for which higher costs are incurred, he/she shall also pay these additional costs. 

- All taxes and customs fees arising from foreign deliveries are to be paid by the Purchaser.

- If the Purchaser purchases the items for commercial use or professional activity, the risk of accidental loss and the accidental deterioration of the items shall pass to him/her after Hertha BSC has delivered the items to the forwarding agent, the carrier, or any other person or institution charged with execution of the shipment. 

- Return costs in the case of cancellation

If as a consumer, the Purchaser has purchased one or more products in the form of a distance contract (Art. 312 (b) of the German Civil Code) and if he/she makes use of his/her right of cancellation, the Purchaser shall bear the regular costs for the return on the following conditions:

a) the price for the purchased item(s) to be returned does not exceed the total amount of €40; or

b) the amount as set in a) exceeds €40, but the Purchaser has not made a full or partial payment of the item(s) by the time of the cancellation. 

The Purchaser shall only be obliged to return the items and to pay for the return if the item(s) for which the Purchaser is exercising his/her right of cancellation can be sent in a parcel.

This obligation to bear costs does not apply if the delivered products do not match the order.